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XpressBuy is now Parlo!

Posted by Aditya Subbarao on Oct 14, 2016 7:51:33 PM
We are excited to announce that XpressBuy is now Parlo!
Parlo, a chatbot platform that builds smarter bots for engaging conversations, is helping brands interactively engage with millions of consumers directly within messaging apps. Built with enterprise brands in mind, Parlo enables marketers to use messaging apps to create delightful brand marketing, commerce, and customer support experiences for younger and more digitally savvy audiences.
Little_Chatbots_1.pngThe name Parlo comes from the Italian phrase "io parlo" which translates to "I speak." And as we enter the world of conversational marketing, Parlo aims to help businesses speak their consumers' language.
“Marketers are always trying to deliver a more human level of brand service to their consumers,” said Murali Subbarao, Parlo’s Founder and CEO. “In fact, they are observing that messaging apps can deliver relevant content and conversations more quickly than existing marketing channels at a fraction of the cost.”
Little_Chatbots_2.pngWith over 3 billion monthly active users, messaging apps like Facebook Messenger offer a unique opportunity for businesses to represent themselves to a larger and more engaged audience than would otherwise be possible.
“As more brands embrace messaging apps as a new marketing channel, Parlo can deliver the best representations of a brand’s consumer experience while maintaining each brand’s unique tone and marketing style,” said Subbarao.
Parlo’s biggest differentiation lies in its team which consists of very seasoned and experienced entrepreneurs and former-IBM engineers with expertise in building enterprise and cloud software. In addition to having years of industry experience, Parlo also relies on its younger employees to understand what millennials are expecting via chat and using that knowledge to be more innovative and drive Parlo forward.
Parlo was initially born out of XpressBuy, an ad commerce platform helping brands engage with consumers during moments of buying. However, the vision of Parlo is much broader than e-commerce.
According to Subbarao, Parlo intends to become the "5-star mobile concierge for any brand” and believes that it can fundamentally change how businesses engage with consumers.
To learn more about Parlo contact Ryan Helmstetler at (415) 988 0372 or visit www.parlo.io.

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