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The platform for building automated text and voice bots
Enable conversations via your website, mobile apps, voice activated speakers and more...


- What Agencies Are Saying -



"Smartphone users want fewer apps doing more work, and chatbots are one way of making that possible...think personal assistant, concierge, or VIP service. Something that guides a person to the right product or service. The clearer the benefit to the consumer, the straighter the path to adoption." 

-Jill Sherman
SVP, Social Strategy


"There are many things that chatbots can do better than humans can in this area. Bots can answer faster than humans. They can memorize every tech spec of millions of products, or recommend recipes based on only a few inputs." 

-John Tubert

Executive Technology Director


“A lot of people talk about personalization driving all of these emails campaigns but in reality I could personalize something in a bot in 10 minutes better than an email ever could because I can get everything from your Facebook profile and make it an amazing experience."

-Will Godfrey
Digital Experience Director

- Benefits for Agencies -

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No Coding Required
Create a bot in mere minutes without coding using Parlo's bot designer
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Segment Each Conversation
Segment conversations within Parlo bots by specific queries and intents
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Increase Acquisition
Deploy Parlo bots across chat platforms (websites, messaging apps and voice-enabled services)
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A.I. Enabled

Use A.I. embedded in Parlo's platform to learn quickly and improve your customer experiences
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Facebook Messenger Ads

Drive targeted conversations to your Parlo bot using Facebook Messenger Ads 
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Boost Engagement

Schedule and send promotional messages within Parlo bots to boost brand engagement and awareness